The Oxford Acoustics group consists of faculty and researchers from the National Center for Physical Acoustics (NCPA) and the University of Mississippi as well as seasoned professionals in music, theater, noise control and sound reinforcement.

Our resources allow us to address a wide variety of acoustic challenges while paying close attention to detail and working within a budget.

PRINCIPAL - David S. Woolworth, (publications)

Outside consultants currently collaborating on projects and research

  • Dr. Lee Bolen - Architectural Acoustics and Listening Spaces
  • Dr. Jim Chambers - Community Noise and Noise Control
  • Dr. Roger Waxler - Outdoor sound propagation
  • Jeremy Webster - HVAC, Wind Noise
  • Dr. Ning Xiang - Architectural Acoustics
  • Mike O'Neill - Sound System and Transducer Design
  • Dex Edwards-Theater Planning and Stage Design
  • Dr. Ricky Burkhead - Music
  • Jimmyle Listenbee - Dance
  • Jennifer Mizenko - Dance

Providing effective acoustic environments for speech, music, work and rest

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David Woolworth - Publications and Presentations:

• “Investigations on real-size coupled rooms based on a Bayesian estimation analysis methodology and acoustic indicators” Zuhre Su, David Woolworth, Ning Xiang, originally accepted to be presented at ASA Paris June 2008, currently conducting additional research

• “Four buildings converted to performance spaces” (a study on acoustics and retrofitting performance spaces) David Woolworth, ASA Miami November 2008; Invited paper

• “Modal Analysis and Transient String Response of Solid Body Electric Bass Guitars with Effects of the Instrumentalist” David Woolworth, Henry Scarton, poster ASA Paris June 2008

• “A survey of small live music venues of New Orleans” David Woolworth ASA New Orleans November 2007; Invited paper

• “Characterization of low-profile fresnel lenses for annular high-intensity focused ultrasound radiators” David Woolworth, Jason Raymond, Joel Mobley, ASA New Orleans November 2007

• Finite Element Analysis Modeling of the Solid Body Electric Bass; Invited Speaker; Department of Civil Engineering, University of Mississippi, Dec 1999

• Musical Acoustics of the String Family; Invited Speaker; Society of Physics Students; University of Mississippi; November, 1994

• Modal Analysis and Transient String Response of Solid Body Electric Bass Guitars; (to be published) presented by invitation at the University of Mississippi, March 1996

• Modal Analysis and Applications to Construction of Solid Body Instruments; Presentation; Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans; June 1993

• Effect of Coupling of Parts and Wood Type on Resonance of Solid Body Instruments; (write-up in progress)

• Multiple internal publications on development of high intensity focused ultrasound transducers (list available on request)


David Woolworth has been working in acoustics research and consulting since 1987, and as a performing musician since 1977 in many genres. The combination of the two gives him valuable insight to the inner workings of acoustics from the views of the artist and musician, to the engineer and the physicist. David draws on this and his attention to detail to pull together Oxford Acoustics’ resources into an important asset to the design of performance spaces.

Mr. Woolworth received his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute in 1991, specializing in architectural and musical acoustics and vibrations, spending five years funding his own research in musical acoustics and vibrations at RPI’s noise lab. During that period, he also took a sabbatical from RPI to study Classical Music performance at Hartt School of Music and Acoustic Engineering at University of Hartford, as well as study jazz with Gerry Carboy of David Sancious’ band Tone, and shared ownership and operation of a sound company for live sound reinforcement. David earned his Master of Arts in Physics at the University of Mississippi in 2000, while balancing a touring music career in tandem. This period included a wide variety of research topics at the National Center for Physical Acoustics, as well as being a member of the original house bluegrass band for Oxford’s “Thacker Mountain Radio” heard on Mississippi Public Radio weekly.

David’s musical work has found him performing classical music in Carnegie Hall to gospel in a small church in rural Eupora Mississippi to amplified country and rock in Red Rocks amphitheater in Colorado; his experience of different musics and venues gives him considerable understanding to specific needs of specific genres for performance, and the critical aspects of venue design.

David Woolworth is a member of the National Council of Acoustical Consultants, the Institute of Noise Control Engineering, and the Acoustical Society of America/Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics, and is currently working on producing a booklet for the ASA-TCAA for architects to interpret the new national standard on classroom acoustics (ANSI S12.60-2002).


Jim Chambers is an expert in experimental, theoretical and computational analysis of outdoor sound propagation, blast waves, sonic boom propagation and the interaction of sound with porous media and sediments. Jim’s experience includes consulting for indoor facilities specialized for speech such as churches and courtrooms and outdoor community noise assessment and control for neighborhoods and sports and military facilities.

Dr. Chambers is currently a Research Scientist II and Research Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Mississippi. He holds the following degrees: Bachelors (Mechanical Engineering, summa cum laude), 1990; and Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering), 1994, The Georgia Institute Of Technology.


Jennifer Mizenko advises Oxford Acoustics on matters relating to dance, choreography, and performance spaces. Her extensive worldwide experience ties in meeting the needs of dancers within limitations of space, and identifying the critical aspects of stage and theater design for dance. Jennifer’s breadth of study includes most all types of dance and movement.

Jennifer Mizenko is an Associate Professor of Dance at the University of Mississippi. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Kenyon College, and an M.A. in dance from The Ohio State University.  Her expanded studies include period dance with Wendy Hilton and Richard Powers, plus the study of T'ai Chi with Maggie Newman. Jennifer is a teaching member of Alexander Technique International.  She is also a certified Laban Movement Analyst from LIMS. Mizenko has presented internationally at Aleander and Laban Conferences, and has been recognized by ISMETA as a Registered Movement Educator.  She is currently combining her knowledge of The Alexander Technique and Laban Movement Analysis, developing an exciting new approach for the training of dancers and actors.


Mike O’Neill is a world-class expert in the design of speakers, speaker arrays and microphones for all purposes. He has extensive experience in speaker systems for houses of worship to public address systems for stadiums and larger applications.

Mr. O’Neill was the Vice President of Electro-Voice, a manufacturer of audio equipment, and oversaw research and development there before leaving in 2002, including custom speaker cabinets and touring rigs for large touring acts. Before this, he worked since the late 70’s until the mid 90’s for Peavey Electronics as a manager and director of transducer (microphone and speaker) engineering and also briefly for OEM loudspeakers. Mike’s expertise allows him to identify beyond a doubt the appropriate equipment for any application.


Dr. Ning Xiang brings expertise in computer modeling for auralization and prediction of acoustics in performing arts spaces, applied in numerous theaters in Japan and Europe. Since coming to the United States in 1998, he has been consulting in architectural acoustics while also conducting research in signal processing related to landmine detection.

Dr. Ning Xiang earned his Ph. D. in 1990 from the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Ruhr-Universitat Bochum (RUB) in Bochum, Germany (with advisor Prof. Dr. Jens Blauert). Dr. Xiang was then employed as a project manager and R&D engineer for Head Acoustics Inc., Germany, from 1991-1996 and subsequently joined the Fraunhofer-Institute for Building Physics, Stuttgart, Germany, as a Research Scientist in 1997. From 1998 to 2003, he was a Research Scientist of the National Center for Physical Acoustics and a Research Associate Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Mississippi. Dr. Xiang currently is an associate professor of Architectural Acoustics and Electrical Engineering at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute.

Dr. Xiang is a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, a Fellow of the Institute of Acoustics (United Kingdom). In the Acoustical Society of America, he is an active member of the Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics and the Technical Committee on Signal Processing in Acoustics. Dr. Xiang is also an Associate Editor of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.