Here is a sample of projects Oxford Acoustics has overseen or directly contributed to the design and improvement recommendations of:

Nutt Hall Auditorium, University of Mississippi, University, Mississippi

Acoustic testing and preliminary recommendations in noise control and variable acoustics treatments to improve the recital hall's performance.

Science and Technology Center, Lynn-Benton Community College, Albany, Oregon

Recommendations to architect coordinated with facility users and project engineers to meet classroom standards for new construction of chemistry teaching labs: Includes special design considerations for noise reduction for lab hoods and chemical fume exhaust system.

White Station High School Auditorium, Gymnasium, and Classrooms, Memphis, Tennessee

Recommendations to architect coordinated with facility users on noise control, acoustics, and audio visual for 1500 seat multi purpose auditorium, gymnasium hosting state championship basketball games, and classrooms. Special considerations were made for a high deaf and hard of hearing population, reuse of materials, and working within retrofit limitations. Performance space planning includes coordination of systems for acoustic and amplified programming in a low ceiling venue.

Mississippi School for the Arts Studio Theater, Enochs Hall, Brookhaven, Mississippi

Schematic and final technical recommendations to architect for noise, room acoustics, and performance space planning of a studio theater (capacity 150) in a historic building with attention to user needs and future planning.

St. Andrews Sanctuary, Jackson, Mississippi

Acoustic testing and preliminary analysis of main sanctuary.

St. Dominic Chapel, Jackson, Mississippi

Design and technical recommendations for new construction with regard to noise, acoustics, and sound system. Special considerations include highway noise concerns, mechanical systems, room acoustic requirements, and aural computer simulations using recordings of the users as a source.

St. George Independent School Recital Hall, Memphis, Tennessee

Advising on conversion of church to recital hall for elementary grades.

First United Methodist Church Sanctuary and Gymnasium, Amory, Mississippi

Investigation and testing with budget and design recommendations in acoustics, noise control, and audio visual for sanctuary and additional noise control for gymnasium/fellowship hall.

Caledonia High School Gymnatorium, Caledonia, Mississippi

Investigation and testing with budget and design recommendations in acoustics, noise control, and audio visual for multi-purpose gymnatorium.

Delta State Music Institute, Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi

Investigation and preliminary recommendations for isolation of an air handling unit for and rehearsal and recording facility

Taylor Grocery Restaurant, Taylor, Mississippi

Recommendations, overseeing of installation, and commissioning of sound system for use by nightly live entertainment.

Oxford Lafayette Animal Shelter, Oxford, Mississippi

Recommendations to architect coordinated with facility users on noise control for employee and animal comfort inside the facility, noise control to the community, and controlling outdoor sound propagation to the surrounding residential areas.

Church of the Nativity Fellowship Hall, Greenwood, Mississippi

Recommendations to architect for noise and vibration control, room acoustics, coordination of acoustics with audio visual elements, and room functionality.

Carrollton High School Band Rehearsal Hall, Carrollton, Mississippi

Preliminary recommendations on room acoustics, noise control, and room functionality for a high school rehearsal band hall.

Passe Passe Juggling Shop, Paris, France

Preliminary recommendations on noise control for an open courtyard demonstration area flanked by residential dwellings on all sides.

Private Riverboat Operator, Seine River, Paris, France

Recommendations on vibration and noise control for a 1950's steel hull riverboat to be converted to a residence.

Viking Range Corporation, Greenwood, Mississippi

Investigation, testing and recommendations for appliance noise control.

Pampered Paws, Oxford, Mississippi

Recommendations on noise reduction for employee and animal comfort in animal boarding facility, and design of music and paging system for indoors and outdoors coordinated with room acoustics.

The Juke Joint Chapel, Clarksdale, Mississippi

Conversion of a cotton gin into a performance and recording venue. Recommendations for acoustics, noise control, and sound system, wiring, lighting, and layout using predominantly salvaged materials.

Hematology and Oncology Association at Bridgepoint, Tupelo, Mississippi

Investigation and recommendations to improve examination room speech privacy and isolation

Five Twelve Restaurant, Oxford, Mississippi

Recommendations for acoustics and noise control

Monroe County Courthouse, Aberdeen, Mississippi

complete recommendations for historical preservation effort including HVAC, noise control, room acoustic/historic finishes, speaker recommendations for communications system, functionality concerns, and computerized control audio/video system (shop drawing equivalent).

Tallahatchie County Courthouse, Sumner, Mississippi

Phase 1 preliminary recommendations and cost estimates for historical/museum preservation effort including HVAC, noise control, acoustic/historic finishes, functionality concerns, and speaker recommendations for communication system. Phase 2 design drawings coordinated with A/V consultant, electrical and mechanical engineers, and architect

Lafayette County Courthouse, Oxford, Mississippi

Recommendations for modification of existing historic preservation design to revise acoustic finishes, speakers for communication systems, and HVAC ducting to address noise.

North Mississippi Power and Electric Association, Oxford, Mississippi

Recommendations for control of computer and server noise

Orleans Oaks Condominiums, Oxford, Mississippi

Investigation into sound transmission between adjacent units and recommendations

Lyric Theater, Oxford, Mississippi

Recommendations for 1200 seat amplified music venue including venue layout planning, audio and speaker system, lighting system, noise control, and room acoustics. Coordinated efforts with client, contractor, and architect.

Christian Brothers University Theater: Memphis, TN

Field testing and recommendations for renovation of CBU Theater for speech applications including acoustics, noise control, and sound systems.

Performance Sports Academy: Madison, MS

Noise survey and recommendations on sports facility planned next to residential area.

Pinnacle Mulipurpose Facility: Coahoma Community College, Clarksdale MS

Sound system recommendations for independent performance system and arena sports system. Acoustic treatment recommendations for increasing intelligibility.

Capri Omega Lighting: Tupelo, MS

Recommendations to architect on noise control and sound isolation of classroom adjacent to factory floor.

Tupelo First Methodist Church, Tupelo MS

Preliminary recommendations for choir rehearsal room acoustics.

2nd Baptist Church, Oxford MS

Fellowship Hall room acoustics and HVAC noise control recommendations.

Oasis Church of All Nations, Oxford MS

Facility recommendations including sound system, architectural acoustics, power requirements for lighting and sound, HVAC noise control, and overall facility planning.

Yocnapatawpha Performing Arts Center, Oxford MS

Architectural acoustics, Noise control, facility design (including lighting, audio/video power, sound system, and loading clearances), coordination with electrical and mechanical contractors during construction phase.

RPI Playhouse, Troy NY

Acoustic analysis, architectural acoustics renovation

Charleston High School, Charleston MS

Acoustic design for renovation of band hall

Proud Larry’s, Oxford MS

Acoustic treatment of stage and sound system installation

JW Forrester’s, Oxford MS

Acoustic treatment of stage and sound system overhaul

Route 1 Recording, Monticello MS

Diagnosis and solution of recording studio control room standing wave problem

Fappy Tweed Studios, Oxford MS

Design phase entailed noise transmission to outside and isolation of listening area, and architecture and acoustic treatment of studio and control room

Kudzu Kings Studios, Oxford MS

Design of freestanding isolation booth for recording

Mike Guilleri Enterprises, East Greenbush NY

Design of portable home theater for tradeshows

Kappa Delta House, University of Mississippi

HVAC noise control

208 S. Lamar, Oxford MS

Restaurant: architectural acoustics and noise control

Common Scents Hunting Products, Inc., Water Valley MS

Noise Reduction of a hunting product

Providing effective acoustic environments for speech, music, work and rest

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